a label in the truest sense of the word
- a source of creativity -

About nuon Music

nuOn Music is a label in the truest sense of the word: a source of creativity.
We are panting for quality contents packed with music, style and identity. nuOn Music is the united banner for our network of friendships, creative relationships & events. In short, we represent a strong brand for creative personalities and ideas.

Hailing from the University town Göttingen in the heart of Germany, we as nuOn Music strives from our cultural diversity and young ambience. This musical diversity represents a key element of our labels identity.

Our idea, to not just limit music to the boundaries of genres, can be seen in the variety of the nuOn Music releases. Furthermore we replace the outdated conservative idea of existing genres that has separated musical taste within the spectrum of modern day „Electronic Music“.

We especially focus on quality music and modern styles without the limitation of focusing on a single genre. In order to let our audience discover & enjoy music, the branded „nuOn Styles“ were created. Each of these handpicked styles combine multiple genres and continue to grow our very own unique identity of sound with each release.

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Patrick Engelhardt
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